“It's not how much we give but 
 how much love we put into giving.”  Mother Teresa

Central to the mission of Make a Difference Events since our inception has been to insure that our events would always provide a way for us to give back to the community. Beyond the benefits of increased health and fitness to a community that good events help provide, we also want to do our part in helping with other areas of need in the community as we grow. To accomplish this, it is important to us that our goals are defined and transparent so that individuals who enter our events can know with assurance that their participation does indeed help in giving back to the community.

We believe that it is important for public trust that they know exactly how we donate the funds we say will be donated to the various charities we support. We will be 'transparent' in who we donate funds to and how we do it.  No guessing or 'foggy' unknowns.  Participants in and sponsors of our event deserve and should expect it.  To accomplish this we have created a formula for giving back, which clearly defines how our selected event beneficiaries receive funds from our events. An amount equal to a minimum of 6% of all event entry fees is designated to go toward our various beneficiaries, from the various forms of event income and sponsorship relationships created as a result the event. Depending on the event, different beneficiaries may receive a different percentage of this ‘fund’. All event beneficiaries are aware of and support this formula as it clearly defines the potential benefits to them.  

Event beneficiaries can also utilize our events for associated fundraising as well as to help bring attention to their particular mission. Most people have a cause or two they are passionate about. We encourage participants in our events to consider what they can do to help support our event beneficiaries in other ways as well.

Since the event's inception in 2013, it has helped generate and raise close to $100,000 for its various beneficiaries.

The following are beneficiaries of the 2019 Alamo Run Fest:

  • Military Warriors Support Foundation
  • Texas Regional Paralympic Sport

Additional information on the 2019 organizations can be found here: 
Alamo Run Fest/Charity Partners
“We make a living by what we get. 
 We make a life by what we give.”   Winston S. Churchill
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