6th Anniversary 

Location: Finish INSIDE the Alamodome - Downtown San Antonio​

Date: April 14 & 15, 2018

H-E-B Alamo Half marathon
Alamo 10,000 
Alamo 5K 
H-E-Buddy Ultra Accessible Run, Walk & Roll 1K
Alamo Health & Fitness Expo presented by University Health System

www.AlamoRunFest.com or www.Alamohalf.com

“Quality is not an act, it is a habit.” Aristotle
Make a Difference Events in the form of the H-E-B Alamo Run Fest, has created a growing, major event that is locally produced and unique to San Antonio. Designed around a vision to be a high quality event, this distinction provides us the ability to help positively influence health and lifestyle issues that directly impact the community as well as integrate elements within the events that will help affect positive change. 

This focus also allows local sponsors a level of event associated involvement that can be much more impactful than is sometimes available with the national series type events.  

Currently San Antonio is the only City, of the five largest in Texas, without a major running event that is unique to the City and not part of a national series.  The HEB Alamo Run Fest has been designed - and is on its way - to changing this statistic.  

With high quality and organization as a primary goal, planning on the event began in the summer of 2011, over 18 months before the inaugural event took place on March 3, 2013. The event received great reviews from participants and sponsors. San Antonio-based H-E-B took notice of the event's success and potential and joined it as Title sponsor for the 2014 version and returned in that role again in 2015. In the fall of 2015 H-E-B made a multi-year commitment to Title Sponsor the event through at least 2018 with a commitment to help build it into one of the great running events in Texas. 

Comprised of multiple events of various distances, the 6th Anniversary of the H-E-B Alamo Run Fest will take place the weekend of April 14th and 15th, 2018 at the Alamodome in downtown San Antonio.  It all starts off with the H-E-Buddy Ultra Accessible Run, Walk & Roll 1K on Saturday, followed on Sunday with the H-E-B Alamo Half, Alamo 10,000 and Alamo 5K hitting the streets of San Antonio for scenic routes through downtown that pass numerous historic landmarks.  The H-E-B Alamo Half has quickly become the 'flagship' event of the Run Fest and the premier, locally produced half marathon in San Antonio. Since 2015, the H-E-B Alamo Half marathon has been allowed to pass onto and through the 'heart' of historic Fort Sam Houston for six of the event's 13.1 miles - the only event allowed to do so in over 12 years.  This, combined with its exciting finish INSIDE the Alamodome makes it a truly unique and scenic, one-of-a kind course!  

The HEB Alamo Half is also the ONLY locally produced, 'home grown' Half marathon run through downtown San Antonio to have USATF Certified courses in recent years! 

Great events are about a whole lot more than nice medals and shirts.  They are about what they represent years later when you look back on the events you did in your life that stand out. Which ones will stand out for the great experience and memories they created for you?  That's the goal of our events... to 'make a difference'.

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