“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.” William James

Welcome to Make a Difference Events!

Our goal as a company is to make every effort to do exactly what our name says… make a difference.  Established in early 2012 as an event production company, our roots and experience in producing these kinds of events go much further back, to the mid-1980's. In other words, we are not by any definition new to creating and producing fitness events. Company co-founders Carl Owens and Rick Margiotta are both veteran Texas race directors with years of experience in producing and directing events (see About Us).

We believe our best way to ‘make a difference’ is to use the talents we’ve been blessed with through our many years of experience… to create and manage events that will excite and motivate people toward regular exercise and help San Antonio in its quest for a healthier population.  

That means producing events that stand out from the crowd with a special kind of energy and passion… events that are worthy of the time and efforts that participants, volunteers and sponsors put into them.  

We know that good health, supported by regular exercise and healthy eating habits, make for happier, more fulfilled lives. And that benefits us all by helping create a healthier and happier place to live!

Make a Difference Events has also worked to design its events and programs 
to help support San Antonio’s various health related initiatives such as SA202O 
and the goals of the Mayor’s Fitness Council for improving the overall health of 
San Antonio. 

Additionally, all of our events are designed to have multiple charitable beneficiaries so that we can help support some of the great organizations that do so much within the city to support numerous needs.  

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